The 13 million member AFL-CIO has endorsed presidential candidate Joe Biden. (photo credit AP)

As election day looms, numerous US airline-related trade unions have endorsed Democratic candidates, particularly in two battleground states that are also home to thousands of airline workers seeking an extension of federal payroll stimulus.

Unions have recognised an opportunity to turn out votes for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in traditionally Republican Georgia, home to Delta Air Lines, and Texas, where American Airlines and Southwest Airlines are based.

These airlines are poised to furlough tens of thousands of workers with the expiration of CARES Act payroll stimulus in October, which has left millions of other Americans without payroll support as…

Quaranteaming: ‘The Decameron’ depicts 10 youths sheltering from the plague in medieval Florence

Anybody who needs a reminder of how long a pandemic can last should look at the life of Giovanni Boccaccio, who survived years of bubonic plague outbreaks in medieval Italy. Boccaccio’s writings about staying alive during plague times, which describe mass graves in Florence like the ones dug for victims of coronavirus in present day New York City, have been a nightly pastime during months of quarantine for a group of my friends from around the country.

Days after the World Health Organization declared coronavirus a global pandemic on March 11, I was camping on a beach in Jamaica with…

Tom Risen

Journalist in Washington, D.C. Truth is stranger than science fiction

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